About us

If you have a tight schedule and you don’t have time to think about healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, you’ve come to the right place. We are here to help! When we create our menu, our chef collaborates with a professional dietitian in order to ensure balanced and tasty meals for the whole day. Our menu is very varied. To guarantee freshest and always biologically grown products, our meals are prepared taking into account the seasonality. Our food is prepared only from fresh products, we don’t use sugar, colorings or taste enhancers. We collaborate with individual local farmers.

How to order?

Choose your meal plan and fill out an order form. After completing the form in a short while (no longer than an hour) you will receive an email confirmation from us. When the details are worked, out we will send you a bill. You can take out your order at our office on Lacplesa 52 at any time you find convenient or for a small fee we will deliver it to you each day from 15:00 to 19:00 (depending on the schedule of our courier). In order to ensure freshness, we prepare and deliver our meals daily. We only prepare for several days in advance at fridays, so you can enjoy weekend without worrying how to recieve your delivery.

If we don’t hear from you in 24 hours time, your order will be cancelled. Unfortunately without a refund.

the buyer must use the purchased program for a period that does not exceed twice the period of the purchased program, from the moment of purchase.

Buyer is fully responsible for data provided, as well as for ensuring that we are able to deliver and hand over ordered meals at a time and place provided. Seller is not responsible for any consequences if Buyer has provided false data, has not properly confirmed data or if Seller is unable to hand over delivered order at a time and place agreed upon as a result of Buyer’s actions. In such a case Seller reserves the right to demand compensation for any loss occured.

It is possible that, due to packaging, ordered and delivered meal will differ visually from that of pictured in a menu at our home page  www.healthybox.lv.

Buyer has no right to make any claims and Seller is not liable if any of the following occurs:
if Buyer’s provided delivery address is incorrect;
if Buyer’s provided phone number is incorrect;
if Buyer’s provided delivery time is incorrect;
if Buyer as a result of Buyer’s actions has not received delivery (has not opened the door, has not answered phone calls, etc);
if Buyer has not made payment for the order or is refusing to pay without any objective reasons.

*Repeated delivery will cost 10 euro.

SIA healthybox does not guarantee the accuracy of the nutritional value provided by the delivery. SIA healthybox is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by incorrect nutrition information, as well as for the fact that whether the food you buy, prepare or consume meets your respective nutritional needs, restrictions or desires.

You can return the order within 1 (one) day and receive a new one if the food is not of adequate quality or the delivery does not mach products ordered.

*healthybox reminds that meals can contain various allergens. For more information on the presence of specific allergens in our meals, contact the healthybox administration.

healthybox does not return the money for the order and does not exchange it for another, if Buyer has not been paying attention when ordering and as a result has received meal with some allergens Buyer is susceptible to.

In order to prevent spoiling of healthybox products and to ensure proper protection from various contaminants strict adherence must be observed in relation to the following rules.


healthybox products must be stored in the original packaging with the expiration date on it.

The expiration date of the products must be monitored closely.

Store food for no more than 2 days.

Within 2 hours of receiving the product, it must be refrigerated.

It is forbidden to re-freeze products.

It is allowed to heat the products in the microwave beforehand removing the plastic wrapper.

It is allowed to heat the products on the pan (without packaging).

It is allowed to heat the product in the oven (without packaging).

It is not allowed to reheat the product.

*Non-compliance with or partial compliance to any of the above points may affect the quality of the food and its shelf life. healthybox is not responsible for the quality, freshness and shelf life of food if any of these rules are not met.

If you have any additional inquiries regarding ordering, contact us by e-mail, call us or write to us in Whatsapp + 371 29835390. Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions.

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