Nutrition expert

Jevgēnija Jansone

Obtained a professional bachelor’s degree in health and nutrition from RSU study program “Nutrition”. He is a member of LDUSA (Latvian Association of Diet and Nutritionists), a registered nutritionist.
Graduated as a C level fitness trainer at the Sports Education Agency.
Qualified as a cook.
Currently studying at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Psychology.
Regularly attends scientific conferences in the areas of Nutrition, Psychology and other health care.
Believe that a truly happy life is based on healthy eating, appropriate physical activity and common sense!
Management of cardio and strength training;
Individual nutritional counseling for adults and adolescents;
Conducting lectures on healthy eating and lifestyle for teenagers, adults and seniors;
Nutrition Master Class Teacher for different age groups;
Nutritionist – Mentor at the Teen Resource Center;
Work with all age groups;
Work with emotional eating, eating disorders;
Nutrition psychiatry counseling – nutrition related to our emotional state;
Weight adjustment issues;
Diet for increased physical or mental exercise;

Lāsma Brenča

Our nutrition expert holds a bachelor degree in Riga Stradini Univeristy program “Nutrition” with profession degree in health care and nutrition. She is also a member of Latvian Diet and  Nutrition specialist association, registered nutrition expert. /

Now she is studying in University of Latvia Nutrition Science program for masters degree. She have working experience as a lecturer taking action in lessons, lectures and events about healthy eating habits and lifestyle for kids (from age of 3) and grown ups.

She has specialized in: Working with different age groups, Menu correction chronic/ acute illness cases, Weight correction related questions, Nutrition when person have increased physical activities or mental load, Nutrition when pregnant.

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